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2014 Emmy Award Predictions

15. Supporting Actor, TV Miniseries or Movie

Who Will Win: Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart
Who Should Win: Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart

This category is dominated by the actors featured in The Normal Heart (rightfully so), and Bomer’s role and performance stand out among his competition. We cried for days.[x]

We’re witnessing a week in which journalists are risking their own safety and well-being covering one of the year’s most important stories, a story where their very presence has done a traceable good — and then here comes the story of another journalist who lost his life while doing the same. But as quickly as that life is lost, the worst elements of the profession turn around and exploit it.
James Foley, Ferguson, Gawker, ‘NY Post’: The Whiplash of Journalism at Its Best and Worst  (via flavorpill)


While commenting on the ISIS beheading of American journalist James Foley, Fox host Andrea Tantaros suggested that the extremist group represents all Muslims. Her remarks only got worse:

They’ve been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years. If you study the history of Islam … They’ve been doing the same thing. This isn’t a surprise. You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. Its the only thing these people understand.”

Speaking of “history,” Tantaros is quite the fan of revising it. Perhaps her most epic performance was when she complained that Americans don’t know their history:

"They don’t even know why some guy in Boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea. Most people don’t know that."

Why don’t most Americans know this? Because IT NEVER HAPPENED.

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